Solomon Grundy of Earth-2

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Solomon Grundy puts two and two together. Image by J.L. Garcia Lopez and Bob Oksner

Solomon Grundy of Earth-2

Solomon Grundy is the reanimated corpse of gangster Cyrus Gold. He is a monstrous, zombie-like creature composed partly of materials from Slaughter Swamp, a marshland near Gotham City. Created from the action of sunlight on the matter of the swamp combined with the corpse of Gold, Grundy remembers very little of his past life, only that he was "born on Monday." Acquiring the clothing from two escaped convicts he murders, Grundy engages in a series of crime sprees and rampages that bring him into contact with the Green Lantern of Earth-2 and eventually other super-heroes (All-American Comics No. 61/1, Oct 1944: "Fighters Never Quit"; and many others).

In July 1976, Grundy crosses the vibrational barrier that separates Earth-2 from Earth-1 and infests Metropolis with a blight of swamp water and plant matter. After battling Grundy to a stand-still, Superman eventually uses subterfuge, masquerading as Grundy's doppelganger, to fly Grundy to Earth's Moon where he can safely leave the monster. However, the remaining swamp water is eventually washed into the sewers of Metropolis, resulting in the creation of a second Solomon Grundy (S No. 301: "Solomon Grundy Wins on Monday").

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