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Solar Boy arrives, 1960

Solar Boy

A super-powered juvenile deliquent from an unnamed far-distant planet—clad in a green costume with yellow trunks, wristbands, boots and cape, a brown belt, and a stylized yellow "sun" emblazoned on his chest—who gains his powers from exposure to the energies produced by his late father's Solar-Ray Super-Energy Converters. These powers only last for a period of 24 hours at a time, and Solar Boy must therefore recharge himself periodically.

Solar Boy first encounters Superboy and Krypto the Superdog when he is attempting to loot the Earth's zoos for specimens to lock up in his private game preserve. The Boy of Steel and the Dog of Steel stop the alien thief, but he escapes, vowing to get revenge on Krypto, stating:

"...Someday I'll get even! Oooh, how I hate that dog!"

A few years later, Krypto, while wandering through space after a brief falling out with Superboy, encounters Solar Boy again, but does not recognize him. Solar Boy, however, does recognize Krypto, and hatches his plan to get revenge upon the Superdog by first befriending him, then stripping him of his powers, and finally mistreating him.

Solar Boy's plans are thwarted by Krypto, who manages to sabotage the cabinets containing the Solar-Ray Super-Energy Converters that give the teenage criminal his powers, which permanently robs Solar Boy of his powers (as, according to Solar Boy, "They're so complicated that not even the greatest minds in this world could ever duplicate them again!"), and returns Krypto's powers to the canine (Adv No. 269/1, Feb 1960: "Krypto's Mean Master!").

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