Silver Kryptonite

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Jimmy Olsen exposes Superman to Silver Kryptonite! cover art by Curt Swan & John Forte

Silver Kryptonite

As part of an elaborate hoax planned to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of Superman's arrival in Metropolis, on June 13, 1963, Jimmy Olsen teams up with Professor Potter and begins collecting silver from Superman's closest friends: Jimmy himself, Perry White, Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Lori Lemaris, and of course Clark Kent. However, Kent is too busy with other events to help Olsen in his pursuit. Jimmy melts the silver pieces and then calls upon six Kandorian members of the Look-Alike Squad to assist him by standing in place as he pours the melted silver over them, thus using the squad as a type of living "mold".

Superman is finally called to Professor Potter's lab only to be "exposed" to a chunk of silver kryptonite, which is in reality a special keepsake box containing six silver figurines of Superman's most beloved friends.

Finally, from the far future, Element Lad, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, arrives and uses his powers to turn an ordinary steel table into a silver pedestal for Superman's new-found collection of six silver figurines (SPJO No.70, Jul 1963: "The Secret of Silver Kryptonite!").

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