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The Kandorian Separatists

A group of radicals from Kandor who are dedicated to liberation from the Bottle City and a life of freedom as super-beings on Earth. Led by various citizens at different times, the organization is opposed by both the original and new team of Nightwing and Flamebird (see SF No. 173, Oct/Nov 1975: "Menace of the Micro-Monster!" and SF No. 184, Jul/Aug 1977: "Nightwing and Flamebird: Comes A Revolution!").

The Separatists help Superman and allies in an all out effort against the aliens known as the Preservers when the city of Kandor is stolen for study (SF No. 190, Jul/Aug 1978: "The Museum of Eternity!" pt. V - "Fight with the Phantom Zone Fiends!").

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