Rose and the Thorn

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Rose and the Thorn

The Thorn from Lois Lane # 105

A woman (Rose Forrest) with a split personality, Rose by day and the crime-fighting avenger "The Thorn" by night. Working in Metropolis, Thorn battles a gang of killers known as The 100 that have killed her father (first appearance, SGLL No. 105, Oct 1970: "Night of the Thorn, Day of the Rose!"). The Thorn also tussles with members of Intergang and once teams with Lois Lane and Superman to battle operatives of The 100 working out of Metropolis, even after discovering there are ten branches of this organization and she has only previously been fighting the mobster division (for example, SGLL No. 122, May 1972: "77 Coffins!"; SGLL No. 123, Jun 1972: "The Ten Deadly Divisions of The 100!").

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