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The extraterrestrial merman surgeon who is the husband of Clark Kent's college sweetheart, Lori Lemaris. (S No. 138, Jul 1960: "The Merman of Atlantis!")

The native of a far-distant planet “completely covered by water,” Ronal first meets Lori Lemanis in February 1960, after Superman has brought him from his home in outer space to the subsea realm of Atlantis in the hope that he will be able to cure Lori of what even “the greatest surgeons in the universe” have described as a hopeless paralysis. The “merman surgeon from space” does indeed cure Lori, and by the time she is ready to leave the hospital she has fallen in love with him (S No. 135/2: “Superman’s Mermaid Sweetheart!”)

By July 1960, the couple have married and are living in Atlantis. It is over Ronal’s objections that Lori sets in motion her elaborate and somewhat foolish scheme to trick Superman into marrying Lois Lane (S No. 133/3: “The Mermaid from Atlantis!”).

In August 1960, Ronal and his wife help Superman carry out an elaborate charade designed to make Lois Lane believe that Ronal has died in an undersea mishap, and that the Man of Steel has decided to marry the widowed Lori and live in Atlantis, so that Lois will feel free to accept a proposal of marriage from multimillionaire Brett Rand (S No. 139: “The New Life of Super-Merman!”)(TGSB).

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