Red Tornado

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DC Comics Presents No. 7

Red Tornado

An android created by the villainous Professor T.O. Morrow, to oppose Earth-2's Justice Society of America (Justice League of America No. 64, Aug 1968: "The Stormy Return of the Red Tornado"; Justice League of America No. 65, Sep 1968: "T.O. Morrow Kills the Justice League--Today!"). Following Morrow's defeat, achieved by the JSA with the aid of Earth-1's Justice League of America and the repentant Red Tornado himself, the android joins the JSA. A few years later, the Red Tornado is trapped on Earth-1, where he begins a long tenure in the JLA.

As part of the JLA, the Red Tornado is featured in the chronicles when Superman faces the Planeteer, a villain who imprisons the leaders of the world's most powerful countries in order to engage the Man of Steel (S No. 387, Sep 1983: "The Conqueror from the Past!").

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