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An alias employed by Lois Lane when she poses as a survivor of the exploded planet Krypton as part of an elaborate scheme to trick Superman into revealing the secret of his dual identity (S No. 128, Apr 1959: "The Sleeping Beauty from Krypton!").

In April 1959, Lois Lane, employing the alias Rama and concealing her true identity beneath a blond wig and Kryptonian-style clothing, deceives Superman into believing that she, like him, is a survivor of the exploded planet Krypton and tricks him into divulging the secret of his dual identity.

Realizing, soon afterward, that Lois has duped him, Superman enlists the aid of his friend Bruce Wayne, the man who is secretly Batman, in an elaborate and ultimately successful ruse designed to persuade Lois that Clark Kent and Superman are two different men and that Superman was only playing a prank on Lois when he “pretended” to tell her his secret identity (S No. 128/2: “The Sleeping Beauty from Krypton!”).

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