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aka Professor Jasper J. Pepperwinkle

A "well-known" inventor and apparent acquantaince of both Clark Kent and Superman who resides with his wife of over 25 years, Elaine Pepperwinkle, in a "modest suburban home" near Metropolis.

The home is outfitted with a number of the Professor's inventions, including a "step-saving compressed air-elevator" and a "time-saving automated coat rack." The professor often writes with his self-invented "non-lead laser retracting pencil" and the couples' car is driven by his "experimental radar attuned electronic-eye robot chauffeur" (S No. 289/1, Jul 1975: "The Phantom Horseman of Metropolis").

In December 1974, Professor Pepperwinkle comes out of retirement to construct his "greatest invention," the "sonic-boom-boomer" a device which can "simulate a boom equivalent to a speeding SST breaking the sound barrier," for people who don't live near airports but will now be able to enjoy a boom whenever the mood hits them. Superman discovers Pepperwinkle's small laboratory in a building in Metropolis which supports the bizarre device on its roof (Act No. 442/1, Dec 1974: "The Midnight Murder Show!").

In July 1975, Professor Pepperwinkle joins forces with Inspector Bill Henderson, Superman, and Morgan Edge in an attempt to track down the good professor's apparently stolen invention, a "tri-dimensional silhouette-projector", which has been leading Superman on a wild goose chase by causing 3-dimensional projected phantoms to plague the city. (S No. 289/1, Jul 1975: "The Phantom Horseman of Metropolis!")

In March 1976, Professor Pepperwinkle provides Clark Kent with an anti-gravity "gizmo" that the intrepid reporter, who is now temporarily without his super-powers as the result of a complex scheme instigated by the alien observer Mr. Xavier, uses to defeat a group of Inter-Gang hoodlums (S No. 297: "Clark Kent Forever--Superman Never!").

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Professor Pepperwinkle considers himself to be the "greatest inventor in the world," while Clark Kent notes that he has "been known to foul-up occasionally" (S No. 297, Mar 1976: "Clark Kent Forever--Superman Never!").

(This entry still needs just a bit of biographic info from S No. 308, Feb 1977: "This Planet is Mine!")

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