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Power Girl of Earth-2 by artist Bill 9000

Power Girl

The daughter of Kryptonian scientist Zor-L and his wife Allura, Power Girl is in reality Kara Zor-L, the cousin of Kal-L, the Superman of Earth-2 (All-Star Comics No. 58, Jan/Feb 1976: "All-Star Super-Squad"; Showcase No. 97, Feb 1978). After her arrival on Earth, she adopted the secret identity of Karen Starr. Although she has the same relative power as her Earth-1 counterpart, Supergirl, Power Girl tends to be more aggressive and strong-willed in personality; often being more directly forceful in the face of challenges.

In 1983, a powerful god-like being named Maaldor is bored since he has no challenges and therefore seeks amusement. He deems and seeks out the two most powerful beings in the Multiverse: Superman and Power Girl. Maaldor tells them that if they don't entertain him, he'll order the deaths of trillions of beings. They agree and then find themselves in a combat arena. They battle him but are unable to defeat him in straight combat, until Superman tricks him into battling and destroying himself, creating a new dimension of madness that Superman and Power Girl seal before returning back to Earth-1 and Earth-2 respectively (DCCP No. 56, Apr 1983: "Death in a Dark Dimension!").

Kara is a member of the Justice Society of America and has been an honorary member of the superhero adventure team known as Infinity, Inc. (All-Star Comics No. 58, Jan/Feb 1976: "All-Star Super-Squad"; Infinity, Inc. No. 1, Mar 1984: "Generations"; and others).

Canonical Appearances of Power Girl

  • DCCP No. 56, Apr 1983: "Death in a Dark Dimension"
  • DCCP No. 72, Jul 1984: "Madness in a Dark Dimension" (cameo)

(See also Power Girl (Lois Lane); Liandly of Earth-2)

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