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Lois uses a plastimold, 1970


An invention created by the Kryptonian surgeon Dahr-Nel. The plastimold "adjusts the molecular structures of cell tissues," in order to repair "damaged or defective bodies." In short, the plastimold is a means of instant plastic surgery. It is powered by a Transformoflux Pack, which projects a ray onto the subject, who is first encased in a mold similar in shape to a mummy sarcophagus. (SGLL No. 90, Feb 1969: "Lois Lane's Future Husband")

After Dahr-Nel's tragic death, Superman apparently relocated the plastimold to his Fortress of Solitude. In November 1970, Lois Lane used the plastimold to take on the appearance of an African-American woman, in order to overcome racial bias and experience the reality of life in Little Africa. (SGLL No. 106: "I am Curious (Black)!")

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