Phantom Zone Criminals

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The Phantom Zone Criminals

The group of Kryptonian criminals Jor-El has banished to the weird “twilight dimension” called the Phantom Zone to serve out their sentences as disembodied wraiths (Act No. 284, Jan 1962: “The Babe of Steel!” and many others). In addition to the criminals, there are also several evil pet cats that live there as well -- collectively dubbed the Phanty-Cats (SB No. 136, Mar 1966: "Decoy of the Doom Statues!"). Some of the better-known names of Phantom Zone criminals include Faora Hu-Ul, Jax-Ur, Kru-El, Nam-Ek, Quex-Ul, Ral-En, Ras-Krom, Professor Vakox, and General Zod. Other individuals are sometimes trapped or temporarily transported to the Zone, including Mon-El.

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