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OMAC in action. Image by George Perez, inks by Pablo Marcos


One Man Army Corps

The super-powered hero from the world that is coming.

OMAC is the costumed crime-fighter who battles on behalf of the Global Peace Agency sometime in Earth's future. In reality he is Buddy Blank, a lowly janitor who is transformed by the contrivance of Professor Myron Forest and his satellite known as Brother Eye, using remotely-controlled electronic hormone surgery, into a super-strong being. OMAC is able to increase his strength through occasional energy transmissions from the orbiting Brother Eye (OMAC No. 1, Sep/Oct 1974: "Brother Eye and Buddy Blank/Birth of OMAC").

Superman encounters OMAC in September 1983 when the hero from the future is transported to Metropolis in pursuit of Murdermek, a powerful robot sent into the past to eliminate the possibility of OMAC's future by killing Buddy Blank's ancestor, Norman Blank. After mistaking OMAC for an ally of the destructive robot, Superman and OMAC join forces to save Norman Blank. Finally locating Murdermek and the gang of criminals he has supplied with futuristic weapons as they are just about to destroy the man identified as Buddy Blank's ancestor, the two heroes are able to halt the execution after an extended conflict at the Metro Central Station.

Having rescued the supposed intended victim and neutralized Murdermek, Superman and OMAC are surprised to learn that the target is really Arnold Berkowitz, a confused hardware salesman. After OMAC is retrieved from the past by Brother Eye, the mess is cleaned up by a janitor identified as Norman Blank, the real target of Murdermek and Buddy Blank's apparent true ancestor (DCCP No. 61: "The Once and Future War!").

Kamandi is the grandson of Buddy Blank.

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