Nylor Truggs

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Nylor Truggs

A 30th century small-time crook and thief. Truggs, a natural telekinetic, steals the legendary "H-Dial" from the Museum of Heroes and Legends in 30th century Metropolis and uses it to travel back in time to the 20th century, where, in Smallville, he is aided by a teenaged Lex Luthor.

While in possession of the H-Dial, Truggs reconfigures the device to grant the wearer super-powers and evil intent, rather than the useful abilities it was originally intended for. Truggs takes on four separate super-villain identities during this time. These identities are: The Cyclone (cyclonic force abilities), Landslide (powers to destroy material barriers), The Unstoppable Smasher (incredible destructive capacities), and High-Roller (great speed and agility on roller skates).

Truggs also enables the dial to bestow costumed malevolent identities on other people, including Bash Bashford, Lana Lang, Lisa Davis, and Pete Ross. The temporary super-identities that each is transformed into are: Man-Mountain (Bash Bashford, properties of strength and durability), Wisp (Lana Lang, the capacity to control the molecular density of the body), Blizzard (Lisa Davis, powers of ultra-cold), and Megaton (Pete Ross, an ability to detonate and re-assemble again).

A contingent of Legion of Super-Heroes team members, made up of Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy, Element Lad, Star Boy, and Wildfire, chase Truggs back through time, and, along with Superboy and Krypto the Superdog, apprehends Truggs after a pitched battle with him and his unwilling associates. The H-Dial, unfortunately, is destroyed by Krypto during the conflict (NSB No. 50, Feb 1984: "Dial 'V' for Villain").

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