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A treacherous foreign power which, in the words of Secretary of the Navy Hank Fox,

has been acting increasingly war-like lately. There 
is every chance that against our will we may some day be 
engaged in warfare with it. Its agents here, we believe, 
are conducting sabotage in order for us to be in poor 
condition for war, should that day come.

In March-April 1942 Superman thwarts an attempt by Napkan saboteurs to cause the sinking of a newly christened American battleship; foils an attempt by the pro-Napkan Black Circle Society, headed by the Napkan consul Utsum, to overthrow the government of the South American country of Equaru; invades the Napkan embassy in Metropolis to apprehend Ambassador Hokopoko and a group of his underlings after they have staged a murderous attempt on the life of Clark Kent; and thwarts an attempt by a Napkan suicide crew aboard the Napkan liner Sunyat to destroy the Panama Canal by blowing up their vessel as it passes through the locks.

“How fortunate we are here in America,” remarks Navy Secretary Hank Fox, “to have someone of Superman's calibre to aid us! In my opinion, he's worth several armies and navies!” (S No. 15/2). (TGSB)

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