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N'Gon is an evil alien whom in the past had mysteriously split into two separate beings; each immediately vowing to kill the other.

To enable this, N'Gon attacks individuals to assume their form in order to gain increased fighting ability. The specific attack is an eye blast that creates a distinctive flash in his eyes. Eventually, N'Gon's quest leads to the logical goal of stealing the power ring of a member of the Green Lantern Corps. However, his first attempt is thwarted when he attacks Green Lantern (Archon Z'gmora) in another dimension and the mortally wounded Lantern orders his ring to self-destruct so that the villain cannot use it.

Using his Z'gmora's form, N'Gon sends a fake distress call to Earth's Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) who is on monitor duty at the Justice League of America headquarters. Although suspicious of this call because he is not on good terms with Z'gmora, Jordan travels to the other dimension to render assistance. Once there, N'Gon attacks Jordan and almost kills him, but the Lantern separates his consciousness into a ghost-like being at just the proper moment. While Jordan desperately attempts to assert remote mental control of his now-stolen ring, N'Gon grows accustomed to the ring enough to attempt to get the next level of personal power, that of Superman.

Back on Earth, Superman is in the middle of rescuing a falling construction worker when he is whisked away by N'Gon to the other dimension. Although Superman is momentarily fooled by N'Gon's impersonation of Jordan, the real Jordan re-enters his own body and warns Superman of the imposter's ruse. With the deception revealed, N'Gon attacks Superman with the power ring while Superman attempts a defense against it by wrapping his cape around one of his arms and uses its yellow S symbol as a crude shield, taking advantage of the ring's inability to directly affect the color yellow.

N'Gon uses the ring to create a massive boulder of Green Kryptonite to incapacitate the Kryptonian in an attempt to steal Superman's form. However, Jordan manages to throw a rock at N'Gon to break his concentration enough to dispel the kryptonite and allow Superman to recover and fight back. Finally, Superman manages to grab N'Gon and drag him to a safe distance from Jordan. The Man of Steel breaks through the alien's power ring's personal force field with a mighty punch. The resulting blow creates a loud sonic boom that stuns Hal Jordon. Superman apprehends the barely conscious N'Gon in his true form and returns Jordan's ring.

While Jordan contains N'Gon for delivery to justice, Superman broods about how his abduction at the time he was saving an innocent may have caused his demise. Jordan calmly suggests that they might have a chance to save him because different dimensions have different rates of time progression. As the superheroes return to Earth, this proves to be the case and they emerge just in time to save the falling man (DCCP No. 26, Oct 1980: "Between Friend and Foe!").

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