Mister Seven

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Mr. Seven

A cunning master criminal with a thirst for notoriety --clad in a red, yellow, and blue costume with a large number 7 emblazoned on his chest --who committed a spectacular crime a day in and around Metropolis, each time taunting the authorities in advance with an enigmatic clue, and each time committing a crime somehow related to the day of the week, as when he stole a rare first edition on Sunday, the first day of the week. Mister Seven was in reality Scraps Fabian, a petty thief who, tired of being a small-time crook but unable to recruit a gang because of his lowly underworld status, adopted the "catchy name" Mister Seven and then launched a frenetic publicity blitz --including a radio jingle, a skywriting campaign, and an advertising blimp bearing the almost jocular admonition to watch for Mister Seven, "greatest criminal of his day" --designed to imprint his name indelibly on the public consciousness. Mister Seven and his lone accomplice were apprehended by Superman in June-July 1950 (WF No.46: "The Seven Crimes of Mister 7!").

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