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Metropolis University

Clark Kent's alma mater, located in the city of Metropolis (S No. 125/2, Nov 1958: “Clark Kent’s College Days”; and others). Dr. Charles Corlin, the father of Vance Corlin (WF No. 57, Mar/Apr 1952: “The Artificial Superman!”), and Professor Thaddeus V. Maxwell (S No. 125/2, Nov 1958: “Clark Kent’s College Days”) have served on its faculty. It was during his senior year at Metropolis University that Clark Kent first met Lori Lemaris (S No. 129/3, May 1959: “The Girl in Superman’s Past!”) (TGSB).

Among Clark's classmates at Metropolis University were his roommates, Tommy Lee, Ducky Ginsberg, and Billy Cramer.

It was also during Clark's attendance at Metropolis University that he changed his name from Superboy to Superman.

In July-August 1948, Superman is accidentally transported into the distant past—along with typewriter repairman Mike Mooney, as the result of a freak accident in a Metropolis University mathematics laboratory (S No.53/2: “The Oracle from Metropolis!”).

In March-April 1951, the Trickster steals the contributions collected at Metropolis University’s “old grads fund-raising drive dinner” (S No. 69/1: “The Prankster’s Apprentice!”). (See also: the Prankster)

In November 1952 Superman apprehends the Miracle Twine Gang in the act of stealing some valuable radium from the Metropolis University campus (Act No. 174: “The Man Who Shackled Superman!”).

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