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Mental Man

Art by Curt Swan and Stan Kaye, 1961.

A fictional comic strip superhero created by Lois Lane. In the comic strip, Mental Man, who possesses amazing mental powers, has a girlfriend named Laura Lovely who looks much like Lois Lane. The Mental Man comic strip, initially created at the behest of Lane's editor Perry White to give the Daily Planet a boost in circulation, soon becomes an smash hit for newspapers around the United States.

One day, White and Lane are astonished by the sudden materialization in the Planet offices of Mental Man himself! Mental Man immediately asks Lois Lane to marry him!

A short time later, Mental Man is approached by "Ace" Ruggles, a notorious gangster. Ruggles offers to split the ill-gotten spoils of a bank's armored truck if Mental Man will rob it for him. Ruggles also suggests that Mental Man should eliminate his romantic rival, Superman, by exposing him to a fatal dose of Kryptonite.

Later, "Ace" and some of his stooges witness Mental Man apparently killing Superman by converting the globe on top of the Daily Planet Building into Green Kryptonite. After comforting Lois, Mental Man goes through with the heist alongside Ruggles and his men. However, he then turns the gang in to the Metropolis Police Department.

Superman arrives on the scene and, with Mental Man, reveals to the criminals, police and newly arrived Daily Planet reporters Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen that they have all fallen for an elaborate hoax. Superman's Justice League colleague Aquaman has been posing as Mental Man in order to help trap Ruggles and his gang.

Lois Lane's comic strip hero soon after marries Laura Lovely, leading to the demise of the strip. This pleases Lane, because she will now be able to focus on being a reporter and winning Superman's heart (Act No. 272/1, Jan 1961: "Superman's Rival, Mental Man!").

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