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Mark Benton, The Modern Robin Hood

The alias of Ronald Van Horton, a wealthy philanthropist, who is an exact double of Clark Kent. In the guise of Robin Hood, Van Horton/Benton gives away his wealth to the needy people of Hadley, "a small waterfront town."

Lois Lane falls in love with Benton while investigating the story of the mysterious "Modern Robin Hood" for the Daily Planet. However, Lois's suspicions are aroused by Benton's frequent unexplained absences which coincide with reported appearances of Benton's masked alter-ego. Although the romance is secretly encouraged by Superman, Lois's unbridled curiosity leads her to break a promise to Benton and discover his secret identity at thew exact moment he is preparing to propose marriage, thus ending their relationship (SGLL No. 3/2, Jul/Aug 1958: "The Man Who Was Clark Kent's Double").

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