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The use of objects and/or the practice of spells and other activities that are theorized to control or influence the supernatural or occult.

In the Chronicles, magic is often used synonymously with the supernatural, the occult, necromancy, sorcery, and the activities and attributes of mythological beings, deities, and demi-gods.

Superman, Supergirl and all other super-powered Kryptonians are vulnerable to magic.

Although this subject is not treated in the chronicles with absolute consistency, it is generally agreed that Superman's power of invulnerability does not protect him from magic. As Superman notes ruefully in August 1964, " invulnerability can't protect me from magic or a sorceror's spell!" (S No. 171/2: "The Curse of Magic!"). Following is a brief chronological survey of the effects of magic on Superman as they are recorded in the Chronicles.

In January-February 1942, Akthar "places Superman under a strange spell" that paralyzes him completely, but the Man of Steel shakes off the effects of his paralysis by "concentrating mightily" (S No. 14/3).

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