Luma Lynai

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Luma Lynai

Art by Curt Swan & Geo. Klein

Luma Lynai is from the planet Staryl and is a near-double for Supergirl. She is the female protagonist in a tale of romance between Superman and the super-powered Luma, who only has powers under an orange sun.

In a tragic story, Supergirl imagines Superman could be happy if only he could fall in love. Supergirl arranges two encounters for Superman, one with Helen of Troy in the past, and one with an adult Saturn Girl in the future. Neither situation works well, so Supergirl uses a computer in the Fortress of Solitude to locate Luma Lynai, super-woman of Staryl. Quickly, Luma and the Man of Tomorrow fall deeply in love. However, Luma derives her life force from an orange sun, cannot tolerate Earth's yellow sun, and convinces Superman to leave her, saying to Kal, "Earth needs you, go, forget me...I'll always love you!" (Act No. 289, Jun 1962: "Superman's Super-Courtship!").

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