Lightning Master

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The Lightning Master

An evil scientist, clad in a green robe and hood with a small yellow lightning bolt emblazoned on his head and chest, who demolishes a Metropolis skyscraper with his diabolical “lightning machine” and then threatens to destroy Metropolis completely unless the city fathers meet his demand for $300,000 in extortion money. Cornered by Superman in his secret mountain laboratory as he is preparing to destroy both Metropolis and the captive Lois Lane. (“It’s a pity to blast such a lovely girl out of existence,” muses the villain, “but I must not allow human decency to influence me”), “The Lightning Master” attempts to annihilate Superman with a deadly bolt of electricity from his hand-held “electric-bolt gun,” but “As the Man of Tomorrow, unharmed by the electric-bolt, seizes the scientist, the great electric charge is communicated to ‘The Lightning Master,’ instantly electrocuting him. . . .““A taste of your own medicine!” muses Superman grimly (S No. 14/4, Jan/Feb 1942).

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