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One of the Thorones, a lovely girl with honey-blond hair who falls in love with Superman in February 1965 after he has been left stranded on her distant planet by the Four Galactic Thiefmasters and thrown into prison by the Thorones' leaders.

A native woman of the Thoronian homeworld who detests the super-strong bullies of her planet, and who loves Superman who is weak under the planet's red sun. Superman takes note of the prophetic "LL"s of her name. When she and Superman manage to escape to Earth, she decides that she would rather live life with a small and meek Earth native and leaves with him to explore the galaxy.

On this strange planet, where all the native inhabitants possess super-powers but where Superman possesses none, and where Superman is, therefore, "the weakest man in the world", Lahla, touched by Superman's handsome appearance and singular gentleness, risks exile and even death to free him from his dungeon and flee to Earth with him so that he can recover his super-powers and thwart her people's plot to invade and conquer Earth.

On Earth, however, where Superman is renowned as the "strongest man in the universe," Lahla quickly loses interest in Superman, selecting instead a self-effacing milquetoast of a beau with whom she promptly elopes to a distant planet.

"She loved me when I was the weakest man on her world, but turned me down when I regained my powers!", muses Superman aloud. "It doesn't make’s silly!"

"All girls are that way.., me, for instance!" interjects Lois Lane. "I'm silly enough to have a crush on a big, boneheaded Superman!" (Act No. 321/1: "Superman--Weakest Man in the World!").

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