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"Labs" Logan

In June 1956, Jimmy Olsen is entrusted with the collection of funds from the street-side money chests of a Metropolis charity, on the assumption that Superman will protect Olsen and the money in the event of any robbery attempts. Shortly thereafter, the crooked "Labs" Logan secretly observes Jimmy activating his supersonic signal watch to call the Man of Steel to deliver the money. Logan trails Jimmy, and when the young reporter takes off his watch while washing his face in a restaurant washroom, Logan tampers with the signal watch—causing it to emit a different ultrasonic frequency. Subsequently, Logan robs Olsen twice before kidnapping him, and with an accomplice arranging a kryptonite trap for Superman whom Logan intends to have Jimmy contact after restoring the watch to the correct frequency. However, via the signal watch, Jimmy uses Morse code to warn Superman of the trap. This allows Superman to dispose of the kryptonite using a giant pair of tongs and nab Logan and his accomplice (SPJO No. 13/2: "The Stolen Superman Signal").

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