Johnny Thunder of Earth-2

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Johnny Thunder of Earth-2

A hero of the Parallel World known as Earth-2 (first appearance, Flash Comics No. 1, Jan 1940).

Born in the seventh hour of the seventh day of the seventh month, in a year ending in seven, Johnny gains to power to control a magical genie from another dimension when he reaches his seventh birthday. By pronouncing the words "cei-u", Johnny can command the genie for one hour.

Hexed by the Shaman of Badhnisia, Johnny loses some control over the mystic Thunderbolt genie and eventually resigns from the Justice Society of America. Forced to become the King of Badhnisia and to do the Shaman's bidding, Johnny directs his Thunderbolt to enlist the aid of the Superman of Earth-2. Responding to the call, Superman secretly helps his wife Lois Kent masquerade as a sorceress in order to trick the Shaman into defeating himself, allowing Johnny the freedom to teach his new subjects about democracy (SF No. 204, Nov/Dec 1980: "The Rescue of His Majesty, Johnny Thunder!").

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