Jack Kennedy

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"Jack" Kennedy

In June 1938, Clark Kent, after applying for a job as a reporter at the Daily Star, overhears word of a mob attacking the county jail. As Superman, he stops the mob and begins questioning the prisoner, who insists:

"I'm being held for the murder of Jack Kennedy. But I didn't do it...and neither did Evelyn Curry, the girl who's being electrocuted tonight for it!"

Learning that a nightclub singer named Bea Carroll is responsible for the crime, Superman forcibly takes her to the governor's mansion. After being denied entrance, Superman smashes down the door, enters the governor's room through another steel door, and stops Evelyn Curry's execution, with the real murderer's confession in hand. Thus, the true murderer of Jack Kennedy is revealed and the innocent suspects released (Act No. 1).

[Note: an expanded version of this story appears in S No. 1/1, Sum 1939.]

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