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Superboy first meets William Henderson, 1980

Inspector Bill Henderson

An inspector with the Metropolis Police, and an ally of Superman (Act No. 440, Oct 1974: "The Man Who Betrayed Krypton!").

Inspector Henderson is forced to issue an all-points bulletin for Superman when "the biggest crime-blitz of all time" strikes Metropolis in October 1974. Superman, however, is an apparent victim of a "brain-beam" designed to attack his reasoning ability. Thus, he is far out in space between Mars and Jupiter busy constructing a colossal space-ark (Act No. 440 : "The Man Who Betrayed Krypton!").

In July 1975, Inspector Henderson and Superman join forces with Professor Pepperwinkle in an attempt to track down the good professor's apparently stolen invention, a tri-dimensional silhouette-projector, which has been leading Superman on a wild goose chase by causing three-dimensional projected phantoms to plague the city (S No. 289/1, Jul 1975: "The Phantom Horseman of Metropolis!").

In a text for June 1980, the youthful Detective Bill Henderson, who has not yet been promoted to Inspector, encounters Superman for the very first time (as Superboy) when Detective Henderson travels to Smallville in an attempt to convince Superboy to move his base of operations to the big city of Metropolis (NSB No. 6: "Too Big for Smallville!").

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