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Insect Queen


The superheroic secret identity of Lana Lang.

Lana becomes the Insect Queen after rescuing an insectoid alien trapped by a fallen tree, just outside of Smallville. Grateful, the alien gives her a bio-genetic ring which allows her to gain insect characteristics (as well as the characteristics of insect-like creatures, such as other arthropods). Lana uses her newfound powers to fight crime and to attempt to uncover Superboy's secret identity (SB No. 124/1, Oct 1965: "The Insect Queen of Smallville!").

Lana believes that she can only assume the form of any particular insect once, but is subsequently informed by her alien benefactor that each form may be assumed only once every 24 hours (SB No. 127, Mar 1966: "The Strange Insect Lives of Lana Lang").

The Insect Queen once meets a male counterpart, Bee-Boy, in reality her African guide Kim, who develops a crush on Lana and is cured of a life-threatening injury by Superboy (SB No. 127, Mar 1966: "The Strange Insect Lives of Lana Lang").

As the Insect Queen, Lana wears a yellow and black, bee-like costume with a mask.

Initially rejected by the Legion of Super-Heroes, the Insect Queen eventually earns a place in the Legion Reserve after saving several Legionnaires (Adv No. 355, Apr 1967: "The Six-Legged Legionnaire!").

Lana continues to occasionally use the ring as Insect Queen in her adult life.

Lois Lane once borrows Lana's ring to become a new Insect Queen (SGLL No. 69/1, Oct 1966: "Beware of the Bug-Belle!").

(See also Insect Queen of Earth-2)

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