Insect Master

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The Insect Master

The Insect Master meets Lois Lane. Art by Leo Nowack and John Sikela, 1943.

A malevolent scientist, clad in a bizarre purple and gray costume and headquartered in a secret laboratory hideout in the depths of "perilous" Swasey Swamp, who unleashes hordes of insects on the city of Metropolis by means of his diabolical "insect projectiles"--as when he dispatches a storm of locusts to devastate the city's horticultural gardens--as part of a fiendish scheme to extort tribute money from the Metropolis city government. Cornered finally by Superman and determined to resist capture at any cost, "The Insect Master" sets fire to his own laboratory and perishes in the ensuing inferno (WF No. 10, Summer 1943: "The Insect Terror!"). (TGSB)

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