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Father of Kirk Quentin, alias Hyperboy, from the distant planet Trombus, who possesses superhuman powers nearly equal to those of Superboy. Hyperman is a member of the Hyper-Family, which is made up of himself, Hyperboy, his wife Hyperwoman, and Klypso the Hyperdog. Hyperman, like the other members of the Hyper-Family, only possesses superhuman powers under a red sun and is powerless under a yellow sun, the exact reverse of Superboy.

The Hyper-Family, under Hyperboy's direction, use Superboy to test whether or not their super-suits are completely indestructible and to assess their susceptibility to mind control (SB No. 144, Jan 1968: "Superboy's Lost Identity!").

Note: Hyperman should not be confused with Hyper-Man, the protector of the distant planet Oceania, who encounters Superman in a 1960 chronicle (Act No. 265/1, Jun 1960: "The 'Superman' from Outer Space").

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