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The Hairies

A race of "Step-Ups," or genetically-engineered geniuses created by the scientists of the DNA Project hidden below Metropolis. According to Superman, "they have evolved hair-trigger minds and they can come up with mechanical wonders like the Mountain of Judgement" (SPJO No. 136, Mar 1971: "The Saga of the D.N.Aliens").

Superman and Jimmy Olsen first encounter the Hairies in November 1970. According to Jude, "the elected leader" of this "new, mobile scientific community," the Hairies "seek only to be left alone, to develop our talents." They "are constantly on the move" to elude their enemies, including the agents of Darkseid (SPJO No. 134: "The Mountain of Judgement").

The Hairies can usually be found within the Wild Area on the outskirts of Metropolis, traveling the Zoomway that leads to the DNA Project. Besides the Mountain of Judgement, they have also created Habitat and the Paralyzer Rod, a Green Kryptonite weapon utilized by the Outsiders motorcycle gang.

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