Guardians of the Universe

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The Guardians of the Universe

Superman and the Guardians of the Universe, Superman No. 247

A council of thirty six administering 3,600 members of the Green Lantern Corps, the Guardians of the Universe are immortal aliens who live on the planet Oa in the center of the universe (first appearance: Green Lantern No. 1/1, Jul/Aug 1960: "The Planet of Doomed Men"). The Guardians maintain the "Central Battery" of Green Lantern power, keep the "Book of Oa," and feel responsible to balance the evil of existence -- born, in part, when one of their forefathers, Krona, investigated the "dawn of time." Eventually, the Guardians recruit Green Lanterns to patrol the sectors of the universe.

In one fateful meeting with the Guardians of the Universe, Superman is made more aware of his role as hero on Earth (S No. 247/1, Jan 1972: "Must There Be a Superman?").

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