Green Lantern of Earth-2

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Green Lantern of Earth-2

Introduction of the original Green Lantern

Alan Scott, engineer and adventurer, becomes the Green Lantern of Earth-2 when he discovers an ancient Chinese lantern and makes a ring from its metal (first appearance, All-American Comics No. 16, Jul 1940: "Introducing the Green Lantern!"). The powers of this ring are multi-faceted and vast, its only weakness is an ineffectiveness against wood and related vegetable matter, a drawback when battling Solomon Grundy who is composed of plant material. The meteorite from which the Chinese lantern is made may have been sent by the Guardians of the Universe, but the contemporary accounts of the time are not specific. The Green Lantern takes on a sidekick, cab driver "Doiby" Dickles, who accompanies him on many adventures.

The Green Lantern is a powerful member of the Justice Society of America and serves a term as its chairman.

Later in his career, Green Lantern teams up with the Superman of Earth-2 and Lois Kent to battle the Harlequin (SF No. 206/2, Mar/Apr 1981: "Hostage of the Harlequin!").

(See also Green Lantern (Hal Jordan); Green Lantern Corps)

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