General Malvio

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The "fanatical leader" of a rebel army bent on assassinating the elected president of the "tiny European republic" of Borkia and establishing a one-man dictatorship there. With the presidential place under tight security to guard against any possible assassination attempts, General Malvio and his henchmen construct a lifelike remote-controlled robot which introduces itself to the people of Borkia as Cosmic Man, a newly arrived super-hero from outer space, as part of an elaborate scheme to smuggle deadly explosives into the palace inside the robot's metal chest when Cosmic Man is invited to attend an audience with the president. The scheme is thwarted, however, by Superman, who hurls the explosives-laden robot into outer space and then apprehends General Malvio and his entire rebel army (Act No. 258, Nov 1959: "The Menace of Cosmic Man!").

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