Freedom Fighters of Earth-X

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DCCP No. 62 art by Gil Kane

The Freedom Fighters of Earth-X

A group of superheroes from the Parallel-World of Earth-X.

Led by the living incarnation of the American spirit, Uncle Sam, these heroes fought a long, arduous fight against the Axis powers in a version of World War II that lasted until 1973 (Justice League of America No 107, Sep/Oct 1973: "Crisis on Earth-X!"; Justice League of America No. 108, Nov/Dec 1973: "Thirteen Against the Earth!").

In October 1983, the Freedom Fighters come to Earth-1 to assist Superman in protecting the U.S.A.'s most valuable documents from being destroyed by Neo-Nazis (DCCP No. 62: "Born on the Fourth of July").

Freedom Fighters members seen in the Chronicles

Uncle Sam—leader

Black Condor

Doll Man

Human Bomb

The Ray

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