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An evil vampire who, with his servant, the infamous monster created by Dr. Victor Frankenstein, seeks to kill psychic Cassandra Craft in February 1980. After Superman's intervention thwarts their initial attempt, Dracula set his sights on Superman, explaining to his mute companion, "Superman is powerful, true—but I think he would die from my bite as surely as any lesser foe!" He then adds, "His blood will give me even greater power! I need fear the stake no more!"

In their final confrontation, Superman stuns Dracula by creating a miniature sun by applying super-pressure and heat vision to a hydrogen-filled balloon. Before the battle can resume, the Phantom Stranger appears and causes Dracula and the Frankenstein Monster to disappear—explaining only, "They have been returned to the only world where they truly belong—the world of nightmare!" (S No. 344: "The Monsters Among Us!").

In June 1974, Captain Thunder battles Monster League of Evil which includes its own Dracula-like being from Earth-T (S No. 276: "Make Way for Captain Thunder!").

In June 1961, Bizarro Junior creates a memorial to famous monsters which is based on the Mount Rushmore National Memorial and includes the faces of the Frankenstein Monster, Witch-Queen, Wolf Man and of course Dracula (Adv. No. 285/2: "The Shame of the Bizarro Family!").

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