Doctor Destiny

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Doctor Destiny

The skull-faced supervillain with power over dreams.

Doctor Destiny is a long-time foe of Superman and the Justice League of America (first appearance, Justice League of America No. 5, Jun 1961: "When Gravity Went Wild!").

By February 1981, Doctor Destiny is incarcerated in Arkham Asylum, the home for the criminally insane located in Gotham City. While meditating, Destiny makes contact with the "Dream Continuum", a magical new dimension "filled with unbelievable power" which he learns to control with the ultimate goal of bringing his nightmarish creations to Earth. However, the Black Canary becomes aware of this new dimension and enters it with the help of Superman. Together, Black Canary and Superman succeed in destroying Doctor Destiny's creations while at the same time trapping his conscious mind in the dream dimension while his body remains in a deep sleep (DCCP No. 30, Feb 1981: "A Dream of Demons").

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