Digby Selwyn

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Digby Selwyn

The immensely wealthy farmowner and father (presumably widowed) of Sally Selwyn, whose property resides somewhere in the North American countryside. As well as owning a large farm, Digby owns some timberland where he runs Selwyn Lumber Co. and employs lumberjack Bart Benson as foreman.

Digby and his daughter Sally encounter Superman dressed as Clark Kent and suffering from amnesia and powerless due to the effects of Red Kryptonite. Confused and dehydrated, and with his memory gone, Superman is taken in and tended to by Selwyn and his daughter. After taking on the name "Jim White" Digby decides to hire him to work on his timberland, after being impressed when the stranger prevents lightning from destroying a water pipleline being built on the Selwyn's farm. He has no objections to the subsequent romantic relationship and engagement that develops between his daughter Sally and "Jim".

When Benson, a jealous rival for Sally's affections, secretly shoves a paralysed and wheel-chair bound "Jim" into the sea, (the result of another scheme by Benson), it is Digby who tends to his grief-stricken daughter. Superman is found by the mermaid Lori Lemaris and her people, but the effects of the Red Kryptonite are gone, and the Man of Steel has no memories of the preceeding events.

Digby and Sally believe "Jim" has committed suicide and thrown himself into the sea because of his grief over his paralysis. Digby asks his daughter if she only wanted to marry out of pity, to which she replied, "I loved him... with all my heart!" (S No. 165/2, Nov 1963: "The Sweetheart Superman Forgot"; S No.169/2, May 1964: "The Man Who Stole Superman's Secret Life!").

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