Deacon and Millie Dugan

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Deacon and Millie Dugan

Superboy #133

According to one account, two-bit criminals Deacon and Millie Dugan appear at Smallville Orphanage and adopt Superbaby before Jonathan and Martha Kent are able to return. The Dugans plan to insist that the baby is, in fact, Sonny Vanderbilt (a wealthy young tot who is the son of millionaires and even has a solid gold toy steam shovel with real diamond toy "stones") and pass him off to the underworld for ransom money.

Superbaby causes so many problems that the Dugans are completely frustrated and quickly apprehended by the law. Superbaby is returned to the orphanage and adopted by the Kents the next day (SB No. 133/1, Oct 1966: Superbaby's First Foster-Parents!").

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