Dave Stevens

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Dave Stevens

Dave Stevens realizes that "whitey" Lois Lane has just saved his life. Art by Werner Roth and Vince Colletta.

A community activist residing in the Little Africa slum of Metropolis. In November 1970, he condemns Lois Lane for being indifferent to the social standing of Metropolis' black citizens. While he may misjudge her ("but never forget...she's WHITEY!"), he does inspire Lois to investigate life in Little Africa. Using the plastimold created by her former husband Dahr-Nel, Lois takes on the appearance of a black woman, and sets about meeting several people in the community. Stevens introduces himself to her, but no sooner than the two had been introduced than they decide to confront a group of drug dealers who were recruiting high-school dropouts in the community.

Stevens is shot and critically wounded. Fortunately, Superman arrives and rushes him to the hospital. Lois then saves Stevens' life by donating her Type O-Negative blood for a transfusion. Dave Stevens recovers, and the two become friends (SGLL No. 106, Nov 1970: "I am Curious (Black)!").

Later, Stevens helps Superman and Rose and the Thorn against members of The 100 who are targeting black citizens and he also becomes a writer for the Daily Planet (SGLL No. 114, Sep 1971: "The Foe of 100 Faces!").

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