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The Daily Star

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The "large metropolitan daily" newspaper (Act No. 7, Dec 1938) which employs Clark Kent as a reporter from June 1938, the date of the premiere text of the Superman chronicles (Act No. 1), through March 1940 (Act No. 22). Thereafter, without any explanation having been given for the change-over, the paper is referred to as the Daily Planet (S No. 4/1-4, Spr 1940; Act No. 23, Apr 1940). Headquartered in the Daily Star building (Act No. 5, Oct 1938) in Superman's resident city of Metropolis, the Daily Star is edited by George Taylor (S No. 2/2, Fall 1939: "Superman Champions Universal Peace!").

Although Clark Kent is depicted as working for the Daily Star as early as June 1938 (Act No. 1), he had apparently persuaded the paper's editor to hire him only a short while earlier, after being rejected the first time he applied, by thwarting an attempted lynching at the county jail as Superman and then phoning in an exclusive account of the events as would-be reporter Clark Kent (S No. 1/1, Summer 1939). Before long, Kent has clearly begun to make a name for himself, for he is referred to as the paper's "ace scribe" in Action Comics No. 9 (Feb 1939) and as its "ace reporter" in a number of texts (Act No. 6, Nov 1938; and others).

Lois Lane is also employed by the Daily Star from June 1938 onward (Act No. 1), and her hiring seems clearly to have preceded Kent's (S No. 1/1, Summer 1939). Described as the paper's "sob sister" in several early texts (Act No. 7, Dec 1938; and others), she has also functioned as the Daily Star's "lovelorn editor," as a full-fledged "news reporter" (S No. 3/4, Winter 1940; and others) and as a war correspondent in Europe (Act No. 22, Mar 1940).

Beginning in Spring 1940, the name Daily Star disappears from the texts and the newspaper is referred to as the Daily Planet (S No. 4/1; see also Act No. 23, Apr 1940), although, for a time, George Taylor remains its editor (Act No. 25, Jun 1940; and others). Clark Kent and Lois Lane continue their careers on the newspaper under its new name. (TGSB)

On the parallel Earth known as Earth-2, Kent and Lane continue to work at the Daily Star for many years under editor Taylor and alongside cub reporter/photographer Jimmy Olsen, reporter Perry White and, eventually, television critic Lana Lang. Upon George Taylor's retirement in the early 1950s, Clark Kent is named his successor as editor-in-chief of the Daily Star--beating out White and Kent's own wife, Lois Lane-Kent (SF No. 196/5, Jul/Aug 1979: "Editor of the Star"; and others).

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