Cosmic Man (Robot)

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Cosmic Man (Robot)

A fragile and crude robot made from tin as part of an elaborate ruse concocted by the rebel General Malvio in order to assassinate President Raulis of the tiny European republic of Borkia as part of his secret "Master Plan".

As part of a series of hoaxes which include clearing a train track of a huge boulder (in reality a "gas-filled balloon") by throwing it into the stratosphere, saving the city from a falling rocket (in reality nothing more than a "gas-inflated blimp"), having Cosmic Man tell reporters (including Lois Lane) a bogus origin tale about growing up on the planet Yrox in another solar system and fighting off "great beast-like things." Cosmic Man also tells how his people built "great space ships" to migrate away, while he decides instead "to explore the cosmos" and learn that, like Superman, he too has super-powers on Earth. He also "saves" more people when the arm of the Colossus of Rhodes, Borkia's famous landmark, breaks off, pretending to shatter it with a "Super-Shout" (in reality a powerful explosive is hidden within the arm). So what does this all have to do with General Malvio's master plan? He explains:

"... and so, since my fragile robot is not strong enough to smash into the presidential palace, I had to build him up as a national hero so that he'd walk in by presidential invitation!"

Lois Lane discovers the hoax when the robot's hand gets broken off in front of her and she is then kidnapped by General Malvio's goons.

Cosmic Man hides an powerful explosive in his chest in order to blow himself and President Raulis up when they meet later that day. However, General Malvio's plan fails when the mighty Man of Steel, Superman foils it with the use of his real-life Super-Powers, destroying his rebel army and throwing away the explosive from Cosmic Man before it could go off, thus saving the President's life and once again the day and of course Lois Lane (Act No. 258, Nov 1959: "The Menace of Cosmic Man!").

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