Congo Bill and Congorilla

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Congo Bill and Congorilla

Congorilla inhabited by Congo Bill's mind

Congo Bill is a jungle adventurer who patrols the wilds of the world, mainly Africa (first appearance: More Fun Comics No. 56, Jun 1940: "The Search for Africa's Ancient Ruins"). Bill teams with Janu, the Jungle Boy, and following the death of Chief Kawolo, he comes to possess a ring that enables him to inhabit the body of a rare large golden ape named Congorilla (Act No. 248/2, Jan 1959: "The Amazing Congorilla"; and others).

Superman is aided by Congorilla when Brainiac shrinks the Man of Steel and his friends (Act No. 280, Sep 1961: "Brainiac's Super-Revenge!"). Jimmy Olsen once switches bodies with Congorilla using Bill's ring in order to trap a gang of villains (SPJO No. 49/1, Dec 1960: "Jimmy's Gorilla Identity!") and later repeats the trick when he is tipped off about a plot to collect kryptonite by scientists in Africa (SPJO No. 86/1, Jul 1965: "Jimmy Olsen, Ape-Man!").

More recently, Congo Bill and Congorilla are members of the Forgotten Heroes (Act No. 552, Feb 1984: "Another Time! Another Death!"; and others).

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