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The robotic revolution of Computo


A powerful artificial being created by Brainiac 5 to benefit humankind. Unfortunately, Computo bristles with weapons and ambition and leads a robot conquest of 30th century Earth (first documented in Adv No. 340, Jan 1966: "Computo the Conqueror!").

Computo is on the verge of defeating the Legion of Super-Heroes (and a Bizarro version of itself created by a duplicator ray) but is eventually neutralized by an anti-matter weapon. During the rampage, Computo obliterates one of Triplicate Girl's personas.

Components of Computo are later incorporated into subsequent cybernetic versions that are occasionally helpful to the Legion, for example briefly restoring the abilities of Bouncing Boy (Adv No. 351, Dec 1966: "The Forgotten Legion!").

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