Clark Robot Number Two

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Clark Robot Number Two

The name of the Clark Kent robot which Superman assigns to take his place at the Daily Planet while he is away in a outer-space mission to destroy an radioactive asteroid that threatened Earth which ultimately leads him to discover the planet Htrae.

Lois Lane comments on Clark Robot Number Two's performance without knowing it when she tells the real Clark Kent: "Clark, you wrote up some nice news stories last week!" and "You're a good reporter Clark!".

Clark Kent thinks to himself: "I guess my Clark-Robot did a good job in my place while I was gone!"

While this conversation happens in Superman's feverish nightmare about being turn into a Bizarro creature, he did in fact leave Clark Robot Number Two to take his place and there is no reason to believe that this Clark-Robot did not do a excellent job while Superman was away (Act No. 264: "The Superman Bizarro!"). (TGSB)

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