Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus

The famous explorer and trader who crossed the Atlantic Ocean and reached the Americas on October 12, 1492 under the flag of Castilian Spain. History places a great significance on his landing in America in 1492, with the entire period of the history of the Americas before this date usually known as Pre-Columbian, and the anniversary of this event, Columbus Day celebrated in many countries in the Americas.

In 1962, Bizarro, the wacky "Idiot of Steel", dreams of going back in time to around 1492 and using his super-powers to transform Earth from a round world into a square one (Adv No. 297/2, Jun 1962: "The Bizarro Who Goofed Up History!"). This forces Christopher Columbus to abort his trip when he sees the world as flat after all, and so Christopher Columbus says:

"sob ...I was wrong... I was wrong... Wrong! I have seen with my own eyes , that the world is flat , after all! I shall return to Spain, in disgrace!"

Bizarro delighted, proclaims:

"Thanks to me, Columbus can't prove world round because it isn't anymore, Ha, Ha! Again me goofed up history! YAHOO!"

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