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So should animals from Krypton be under the Krypton category, Kryptonian, or both? - MatterEaterLad

Good question. Maybe a new category for Alien Flora & Fauna is needed. -DrJohnnyDiablo

I am a big fan of one page of categories, so that its easier to remember them when doing entries and so they don't become overwhelming. I think Animals and Krypton work because Kryptonian implies people with names from Krypton. But i do think that things like Thought-Hounds from Kandor should be in the category Krypton. - MatterEaterLad

agreed --kryptonians are people, all other things are from/aspects of krypton --telle 19:18, 22 March 2007 (EDT)

Well, I'll change some categories on some critters, but I'll leave Supermonkey alone because of his superior simian intelligence. Maybe King Krypton and Krypto too.. ;) - MatterEaterLad

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