Captain Marvel, Jr. of Earth-S

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Captain Marvel, Jr. of Earth-S

Captain Marvel, Jr. is secretly Freddy Freeman, a paper boy in Fawcett City on Earth-S who is badly injured and loses the use of his legs during a battle between Captain Marvel and Captain Nazi (first appearance: Whiz Comics No. 25, Dec 1941). Feeling remorse for what happened, Captain Marvel gives up a portion of his super-powers to the now handicapped Freddy Freeman, and so, when Freddy Freeman says "Captain Marvel", he is magically transformed into the mighty super-hero Captain Marvel, Jr. His super-hero costume is a blue version of Captain Marvel's costume. Captain Marvel, Jr. avoids speaking his own name, as it triggers his transformation.

Captain Marvel, Jr. is part of the Marvel Family along with Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, Uncle Marvel, and Hoppy the Marvel Bunny (DCCP No. 34, Jun 1981: "The Beast-Man That Shouted "Hate" at the Heart of the U.N.!").

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