Cabinet from Krypton

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The Cabinet from Krypton

A phone booth-like artifact from Krypton that lands in the deep seas of Earth. The cabinet is investigated by Jimmy Olsen, who can not resist entering it. Because the scientific instrument was constructed by Kryptonian evolutionary biologist Zan-Zoll, it possesses the ability to age, "de-volve", or transmute those enclosed inside. Jimmy ages markedly, growing a long white beard, while Perry White turns into an infant. While Jimmy and Perry are able to foil a gang by posing as Santa and a child in a carriage, neither is able to return to his normal self. After Lois Lane is later transformed into a weird humanoid with the head of a cat, the situation is only solved by taunting Mr. Mxyzptlk into reversing the effect as a challenge to his magical abilities (SPJO No. 66, Jan 1963: "The Cabinet from Krypton!").

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